Bungee Assemblies Made in Britain, Manufacturer’s In Leiecster UK Since 1995.

Textile Enterprises Limited is UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Cords, Braids & Elastic for over 25 Years, supplying products with different finishes to choose from:

Ball Tie Loops
T Bar Ties
T Bar Loop Ties
Gated Hook Ties
Gated Hook Tie T Bar
Mini Hook Tie T Bar
Luggage Straps
Grip Tie Straps
Metal Hook Loop Ties
Mini Hook Loop Ties

These products allow you to tie down and secure items like Banners, Tents, Tarpaulins, the list is endless.

Our machines have the capabilities of making braids in different widths from 2mm, to a maximum of 30mm.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality, value and service to meet our customers’ needs.

Above all maintaining the reputation of British Made Excellence and Standards.

Further more, products are made to bespoke specifications, customised in a variety of colours, sizes and even material used.

As a result, materials used are Cotton, Polyester & Polypropylene, and other bespoke materials are available on request.

To conclude, these products have many uses like Trailers, Camping, Gardening and Gazebos, the list is endless.

Contact Us for more information or if you require a trade price list.

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    Ball Loops

    Ball Tie Loop Round Elastic Bungee Shock Cord Looped & Assembled into a Plastic Ba…

    Elastic Loop Tie

    Elastic Loop Tie Elasticated Loop to Loop Assembled to Round Elastic Shock Cord Thickn…

    Gated Plastic Hook

    Gated Plastic Hook Tie For Assembly to Round Elastic Bungee Shock Cord Shock Cord Thic…

    Grip Ties

    Grip Ties Quick Clips Available in 2 sizes: 5/6mm, 7/8mm Available in Black and Whi…

    Luggage Straps

    Elasticated Luggage Straps Length Sizes Available: 200mm & 300mm Thickness Sizes A…

    Metal Hook

    Metal Hook Plastic Coated One Size to fit 6mm, 8mm & 10mm Shock Cords Can also be …

    Metal Hook Ties

    Elasticated Hook Ties Metal Ends with Plastic Coat Length Sizes Available: 150mm, 200m…


    Plastic Ball Ties

    Plastic Ball Ties Rope End Tidy Available in Black & White (Other colours availabl…

    Plastic Hook

    Plastic Hook Available in Black & White (other colours available on request) 1 Siz…

    Plastic Hook Ties

    Plastic Hook Ties Elasticated Loop with Plastic Hook Length Sizes Available: 75mm, 100…

    Plastic T Bar Ties

    Plastic T Bar Ties 10 Loop Sizes: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, …

    Spider Hooks

    Spider Hooks Elasticated Straps with 4 Arms Plastic Coated Metal Ended Hooks 8mm Th…

    T Bar & Hook Ties

    T Bar Hook Ties Plastic T Bar to Plastic Hook Assembled to Shock Cord Shock Cord Thick…

    T Bar Elastic

    T Bar Elastic Plastic T Bar to T Bar Assembled to Round Elastic Shock Cord Thickness S…

    T Bar Loops

    T Bar Loops Plastic T Bar to Elastic Loop Assembled to Round Elastic Bungee Shock Shoc…

    T Bar Ties

    T Bar Ties Available in Black & White (other colours available on request) 2 Sizes…

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