T Bar Loops Bungee Shock Cord Round ELastic

T Bar Loops

  • T Bar Loops
  • Plastic T Bar to Elastic Loop Assembled to Round Elastic Bungee Shock
  • Shock Cord Thickness Sizes Available: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Lengths Available: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, & 300mm (from tip to tip, un-stretched)
  • Colours Available: Black, White & White with Black Fleck
  • Available in Different Colours and Sizes Using Our Bespoke Services
  • Shock Cord Inner Material: Multicore Natural Extruded Rubber
  • Sock Cord Outer Material: 100 Polypropylene
  • High Durable Quality
  • Made in UK

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T Bar Loops

T Bar Loops – Plastic T Bar to Elastic Loops Assembled to Bungee Cord Round Elastic

In addition to our other assemblies, we can offer this product in different lengths and colour combinations using our bespoke services

Therefore available in several sizes and thickness’s of the shock cord

Used in several industries as a tie down for objects