Polypropylene Shade Card

Polypropylene Shade Card

Most Common Colours Are Listed Below

More Colours Are Available on Request

  • Black 406
  • Natural 202
  • Dark Brown 612
  • Yellow 101
  • Orange 503
  • Pink 301
  • Fucsia 305
  • Red 802
  • Purple 703
  • Emerald 1006
  • Khaki Olive 1012
  • Royal Blue 907
  • Navy Blue 911
  • Silver 402

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    Polypropylene Shade Card

    Polypropylene Shade Card – Yarn Colours Available For Our Products

    Customers have a wide range of colours to choose from when purchasing our bespoke goods

    Because there are over 50 colours to choose from we have listed our most common colours, however more colours are available on request

    Contact Us if you are unable to find the colour for your requirements, we maybe able to help

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