Lead Braid Lead Line Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope Fishing Netting Curtain Tape

Lead Braid

  • Lead Braid
  • Lead Line
  • Polypropylene Braided Over Beaded Lead
  • Available in Different Thickness Sizes
  • Available in Different Colours
  • Heavy Duty Corded Rope
  • Made in UK

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Lead Braid

Lead Braid – Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope Braided Around Beaded Lead Line

Another popular product we manufacture, in addition to our other ropes

Because we have full control over production, we can manufacture this product in different thicknesses bespoke to your needs

Same quality beaded lead line from single core to multicore, thicknesses can vary from 3mm (30 grams per metre) to 25mm (1.5 kilos per metre)

Therefore we can manufacture to meet your requirements

Available in Different Colours

Uses vary from lead weighted curtain tape to commercial fisheries netting

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