Elastic Menu Loops

We specialise in producing Menu Loops bespoke to your needs.

Customers can choose the thickness of the round or flat elastic, colour and the assembly of the product.

Available with metal, brass or knotted ends to secure the loop.

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    Ball End Menu Loops

    Ball End Menu Loops Thin Round Elastic Loops Assembled to a Metal Ball Gold or Silver …

    Decorative Menu Loops

    Decorative Menu Loops Round Braided Lurex Elastic Assembled with Metal Tag Availabl…

    Flat Menu Loops

    Flat Menu Loops Flat Braided Elastic Clamped With Metal Tags Elastic Thickness Size…

    Knotted Elastic Loops

    Knotted Elastic Loops Fine Round Elastic Tied into a Loop Elastic Sizes Available in 1…

    Metal Ended Elastic Loops

    Metal Ended Elastic Loops Round Elastic with Metal Ended Clamp Tag Elastic Sizes Avail…


    Round Menu Loops

    Round Menu Loops Elastic Loop Assembled with Metal Clamp Tag Elastic Thickness Sizes A…

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